Session #4 (Injury Prevention) – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Session #4 (Injury Prevention)

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  • KSNaples says:

    Are the shoulder stretches on the chair supposed to stretch different areas? I think my chair is too high.
    Great workout.

  • julialane says:

    The hip stretches are awesome! My right hip tends to get tight and it felt great to loosen it up. Also, I am a Flamingo Champion! Who knew? 😆 🦩🏆

  • LauriePreston says:

    Loving all these range of motion stretches! Re: the flamingo balance move: do feet need to be flexed? Since Kert is doing it, I’m guessing that flexed feet is the goal; it’s definitely harder for me to maintain balance than with a relaxed/dropped foot.

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      From Kert: “I’d prefer you to think of it more like “active foot”. Using the foot to almost cling onto the ground to help with balance. The feet are definitely part of the exercise though 🙂”

  • melfjohn says:

    Having agility handling as goal is helping me like these workouts. Thanks BDA and Kert

  • Joyce Jackowski says:

    Felt so good to stretch and have my dog join in with a puppy bow.

  • hobeydog5 says:

    Felt those dead bugs!

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