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Threadle Combinations

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  • Christina And Ripley says:

    Good morning,
    It’s easy for me to see the threadle rear versus serpentine (Jessica) but harder to see the threadle rear versus traditional threadle ( Justine). I’m thinking that the threadle rear happens when Justine is not yet on the backside of the jump and the traditional occurs when she is on the backside already. Is this correct? Is there any way of marking the times in the video so I get a better idea of which threadle is being used in the first part of the video with Justine handling? Thanks

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      You can think of a threadle rear as a threadle wrap and a traditional threadle as a threadle slice. Does that help? It’s about where the dog goes after the threadle, wrap back vs slice.

      But yes, to get the slice, the handler does continue on the to takeoff side of the jump. Also, with the traditional threadle there is no side change. So you approach the jump with dog on left and continue with dog on left (for example). The threadle rear includes the side change.

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