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Send and Go – Advanced

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  • says:

    Worried this will mess up our parallel rear cross. Should I work a bunch of parallel rears (contrast) to drive home the difference?

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      You really need a wrap-towards-you or left/right verbal in order to push on the dogs line this much and get a turn towards you. Since I know you and your dog, YES, this much push on his line could be confused with a rear cross. You will hear her “seek” verbal which is used for a left turn which allows her to push to her right and still get a wrap.

      • says:

        Sounds like the verbal overrides the motion. We don’t have the verbal trained yet, so all this is going to do is confuse both of us. Thanks Jenn for confirming what I suspected. He reared on my first try. I stopped, thought about it and agreed with him. Will work the verbal on the flat and at a single jump before I decide I want to use it. I can see it confusing him (and me).

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