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Tight Turns / Multiple Wraps Introduction

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  • happ738@gmail.com says:

    Hi – I’ve been confused about the verbals for the left/right wrap since I got Sylvia Trkman’s Cik/Cap CD!

    As noted above you said, “You are using the same verbal here as your cue for tight turns in the last lesson, this time just repeating the cue for each wrap around.” So, are the verbals “left” and “right”?

    An instructor taught me to say “lef lef lef” for the left spin, and “ri ri ri” for the right spin. But it was taught without a bucket, jump or wing. When I have transferred those verbals to an actual jump, my dog hesitates and wants to do the spin right on the spot. So the verbal hasn’t transferred to the obstacle/jump, right?

    I want to keep using the verbals I’ve taught (I think) and have my dog know that when there’s a jump in front of her to take than and turn tight either left or right. But she can also spin left or right without a jump using the same verbals. Is this wrong?

    Please help!


    • Jennifer Crank says:

      I certainly don’t want to speak for anyone else, but for me, left and right on the flat (taught as just spins when my dog is a puppy) are different verbals than my wraps to the left and right at a jumps. I believe it should be 4 sprat verbals and this is what Justine last taught as well. For me, “right” means turn right now, as in a spin on the flat. “Left” means turn left now, on the flat. “Wrap” means go TO THE JUMP and collect right and “loop” means go TO THE JUMP and collect left.

      The fact that your dog is hesitating when trying to transition to the jump makes complete sense to me. I would not us the same verbal. If you absolutely wanted to I’m sure the transition could be made but you will see some confusion at first.

  • Barb VE says:

    Thanks for steering me in this direction, Jennifer!!

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