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Doggie Push-ups and Squats

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  • says:

    I am working with Rosie to get her front feet on 1ft square block. It’s about 2″ High. I am now working on getting her to put her back feet on it. (Similar to the 2 on 2off platform drills). but I can’t get her to put both back feet on at the same time. Then I want to work on getting all 4 feet on. Any suggestions to getting her to put both feet on the back.

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      I think you have a couple options. One would be to start with a larger object and then slowly work down to your current size. If you won’t have a larger one than another option would be to put a barrier on both sides to keep her from standing too wide (assuming that is the problem.). Even just putting it up against a wall and then you standing on the other side and luring her onto the board.

      In my experience I have found it was easier to start with getting a dog IN something rather than ON something. Will she get all 4 feet into a laundry basket? Then downside to a suitcase. Then down to a small box. Get to 1 ft square box with a low lip and have her get in that. Once she can do that, getting on a block that same size will be easier.

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