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Start Line Proofing

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    I actually have the opposite problem. My dog’s stay is so solid she is slow/hesitant to release to the first obstacle. Do you think that doing these same skills will help me with that problem or do you suggest something else?

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      These *might* help your dog be quicker to release, but likely only because it would sharpen your dog’s response to their release cue. If they are slow to start, test their knowledge and understanding of their actual release cue before adding any other challenge. For example, can your dog release to jump with you standing still at their side(no body motion)? How about with you doing jumping jacks? These are some examples of ways you can test your dogs understanding of their release cues.
      You can also okay around with reinforcing them within 2-3 obstacles of the release.
      Also, if the dog is hesitant to release off the start-line, consider doing a running start about half the time. This would eliminate the stress of a stay and give the dog a chance to get in the habit of blasting off the start.

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    Thank you I was wondering a good way to work on Ebi’s start-line.

  • Agilcav says:

    Some great ideas and things to work on here. Thanks Abbey!!

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