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Trick of the Week: Walk on My Feet

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    Susan – I got Wicked to do this trick in one session. Any suggestions to help Syn be successful? When he comes through my legs, he’s past my feet. Help?

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      I’ll let Susan reply as well but a few suggestions that I might try. 1) just put your shoes on the ground without you feet in them and shape him to get on them or do a foot target. Just like you might start a perch behavior. 2) do this close enough to an object in front of you (wall, couch, etc) so that he can’t go that far forward.

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      I agree with Jenn’s comment. You can also have him face you while sitting. Place your feet forward and click/treat to get him to stand on your feet while facing him so he has more room. Gradually bend your knee more and bring your feet closer to the chair so he has to think about putting feet on your feet. Then go back to the original method once he has the idea of placing his feet on yours.

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      Try holding food higher so he focuses on head up and elongated upward which will keep his fee from moving so much.

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    This must be a little dog trick, I can’t get Tesla to understand my feet since they are so far apart, her shoulders are wide, she doesn’t understand she has to spread her feet out to get on my foot

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