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Body Composition

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  • Whippet Zen says:

    Definitely 4-5

  • VDogs says:

    I would say Monty is a 5!!!

  • says:

    I have been working on both my dog’s weight for the last 6 months. They are finally both in the 4 – 5 range!

  • Denielle S says:

    Would the ideal body type change if a dog had hip or elbow dysplasia? I keep hearing thinner is better.

    • says:

      Great question! Thinner is always better, so for me the ideal body type does not change with hip or elbow dysplasia. I typically always aim for a 4 out of 9, but 5 out of 9 is acceptable. Unfortunately in the US, most vets have started accepting 6 out of 9 as the new normal and are okay with that weight.

      • Denielle S says:

        It’s hard to judge from the graphic (for me) but I feel like my dog is a 3. You can easily see all of her ribs, pretty much all of the time, and she’s a GSD with a double coat. She’s recently had a substantial increase in sprint activity because my puppy just turned 8 months. They’ve been able to race full speed around the yard for the last 5-6 weeks as he’s matured. She started dropping pounds like crazy. I did increase her food and the weight loss has stabilized, but she’s still thinner than she’s been. All of my vets say she’s in great condition (she has 3) but I do have a gut feeling she’s a bit too thin. Should I post a picture here in addition to the condition test, or is it fine to just post it there and remind you of my concern?

  • Carol R says:

    Aside from physically rubbing the ribs, how do you assess a heavily coated dog ( sheltie ) when you can not see the waist or abdominal tuck?

    • says:

      I would feel the waist and abdomen to see if there is a tuck. You can also use water to lay the coat down. It doesn’t take a lot of water to slick the hair but can give you a better visual.
      You can also get really fancy and take measurements. Use a measuring tape to measure around the ribs just behind the front limbs and then measure just in front of the rear limbs. If you get the same measurement, then there is not a waist or abdominal tuck.

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