Challenge 2.1 – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Challenge 2.1

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  • says:

    All of mine were at the 10 foot limit. Not sure that was clear from my video. 😉

  • addictedtolabs says:

    I am respectively requesting 10 more bonus points. I bought a used IPad, tripod and actually with Sarah’s help used IMovie and uploaded it to youtube. Now patiently for UT to finish processing so I can post the link. Incredibly proud of myself. LOL.

  • Jerry says:

    Does a dropped bar matter? First half of video is 20′ then 10′ but dropped a bar on the last run.

    • Esteban Fernandezlopez says:

      Dropped bars are okay–I typically drop down in height when teaching a new skill like this. For a 20/24″ jumping dog I will teach it at 12″ or 16″.

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