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2 Toy Trade Game

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  • eepeacock@gmail.com says:

    The puppy Gus tries the toy switch. He enjoyed it!

    What should I do to support and maintain this? I didn’t teach him anything. He came pre-programed. 🙂

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      His toy play looks great! We definitely want to keep that up. Here are several things to try to make sure you encourage the toy play.
      – keep the session short and end when he is still wanting the toy. Don’t end because he stopped playing.
      – have toys that are specific to play with you. He can have some (boring) toys in his crate or to play with the other dogs, but the best toys come from you.
      – dogs are motivated by chase. Toys on long lines are excellent and I’d do plenty of running and dragging of the toys.
      – In the beginning, keep sessions with food and sessions with toys separate. Lot of shelties will pay with a toy until food is introduced and then they want nothing to do with tugging.
      – Once he has a baseline understanding of “its yer choice”/rule outs/ food input control, we will introduce that to a play session. While you are tugging you will extend the other hand out with food. If he drops the toy to go to the food, the hand closes and back to play. Repeat until he stops going for the food while you are engaging in toy play. He doesn’t get to make this rules. This is a game Justine Davenport introduced to me.

      Keep up with this 2 toy game. I would add in some chase of toys on a long line. Use your dragging toys for restrained recalls if possible. Good work!

      • eepeacock@gmail.com says:

        Thanks! Since we’ll be playing anyway, it’s great to have ideas on what games are also useful.

      • eepeacock@gmail.com says:

        Chase game with sister help. First time and third time. I think at first he was just chasing me and then realized his toy was also available. 🙂

        • Jennifer Crank says:

          Well, if that wasn’t adorable I don’t know what is! 😁😁 I agree that he wasn’t driving for the toy at first but the more you play the game the better he’ll get. Make sure to work both sides so he is learning to watch eye contact and keeping balanced in his preference. I like to do everything with my dogs on my left and have to force myself to do dog on right. Also, I don’t love “okay” as a release. I’d rather his name or the toy marker. “Okay” implies there is a position to release from and here there is not. I like “get it”, or whatever your toy marker is, best.

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