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Gamble Weave Drills

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  • says:

    Here’s our attempt. I should have watched the demo video first :/. So almost didn’t post this. Drill 4 was hard , especially since I didn’t really do my part…

  • Kathy Smith says:

    Can I have her, please?

  • says:

    You make these drills look so easy, but I know they are really some pretty amazing skills. There are a couple things that I can try with Buddy, as you state “can and should be adjusted to our stage of weave training”. I look forward to when we have enough skills to try these drills. I am really glad you included the weave poles warm up video as that shows things we can do. We were introduced 2×2 weave training in class last week, and Buddy caught on really quick. I followed your advice from the May “2×2 diaries” and limit our training to a couple minutes at a time a few times per day. I am very pleased with how he is doing, but know that we have lots of proofing to do, especially since I want Buddy’s weaves to be more independent than Kodiac’s were. How soon should I introduce 12 poles instead of just 6?

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      Hi5 did do great on these but starting with the warm up drills certainly helped. We did those the day before we went to the building for the harder drills. A few of the harder drills took a couple reps, but in general she nailed these. Even I was impressed 😉

      I’m thrilled Buddy handled the into to the 2x2s so well. Going in short session with quality over quantity is great for learning. Sometimes hard to do but now that you’re retired, no excuses 😉

      As for going from 6 to 12 poles, do not rush! Getting to 12 is easy. But working ALL the various entries and doing it from both side and speed will take time. Vento is still on 6 poles. I even went back to a small channel to promote speed. We are working on nailing some of the harder entries with speed. I will go to 12 eventually, but I know that will be the easy part.

      • says:

        Thanks for the info, I will be patient and do as you advised. Right now I have a set of six poles in the basement, and a set of six outside. As I moved them to different locations, or even just changed which end he entered, it would throw him off for a couple tries, so what happened at class today should not have been a complete surprise. We are working on all the entries, and the speed is coming with more repetitions and building his confidence. It is funny though that in class today, those weave poles were enough different ( I have old pvc sets with taped poles vs the metal base/solid color poles at class) that it took a little bit for him to register that these were actually weave poles. Once he “got it”, he did great at class too.

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