Lead Out Push Drill – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Lead Out Push Drill

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  • Kathy Smith says:

    Here is our drill:


    • Jennifer Crank says:

      What was the spacing you had between those two blue wings? I feel like he could have done the extension in one stride but here he did it in two. Collection was great! Relative collection was also in two strides but I think that is appropriate. It’s the extension I’m curious if he could change. Wasn’t sure if you knew his extended jump spacing.

      For the LOP in extension, I think if you had the black wing that I had in my demo between #3 and the weaves, he would have considered taking it. Possibly a collision. You moved lateral pretty late and BARELY broke the plane of jump #3 before he jumped. I felt the “weave” verbal and the fact that there was now other option out there were the main reasons he took the weaves. So leave sooner and run with conviction!!

      • Kathy Smith says:

        I changed the location of jump #2 because it wasn’t requiring true collection to the first tunnel opening when I first set it up. I then forgot to move jump 1. I measured after submitting the video, and I think my spacing was about 21′. Sorry I forgot to mention that. The first time I practiced this drill, I had trouble getting him to commit to jump #3–he kept looking hard at the second tunnel entrance if I moved when I thought I had mental commitment to jump #3 (as you demonstrated in your video).

  • VDogs says:

    As you know, collection is our number one issue… we’ve really tried working hard at it- we’d love feedback!!


  • jlavalley@comcast.net says:

    It was pretty obvious when we started this drill that Bee hadn’t seen the position recently enough or just enough to know to control her approach to get the job done.

    Thanks for another easy set up to work on a simple but hard skill. Here is her video https://youtu.be/l1hScKRNZPs

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      Looks like we found a great skill for her to be reviewing 😉 The lead out drill itself went well. It was specifically the collection recall on drill 1 that needs some work. You are working through things nicely. Keep an eye on her swinging and diving. While she is collecting, she is not giving the nice 90 degree bend we’d like to see. I would suggest setting her up for a more narrow channel to that she can’t swing and focus on her bending skills.


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