IncrediPAWS Course – Week of June 1st – Bad Dog Agility Academy

IncrediPAWS Course – Week of June 1st

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  • says:

    So was curious why you chose the threadle to throwback at 2, when looks like could be a couple options utilized, including backside push. Did you feel one was faster or more efficient or provided some downstream advantage?

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      I did not choose that option because I thought it was the fastest but I did choose it because I thought it would 1) do a good job of cueing the turn between 2-3 and 2) help get me downstream. In general, I like to be on the side of the plane where the next obstacle is. This means, be on the takeoff side off #2 by the time the dog takes off. I could do this with a backside serp to blind but that would be much harder with greater risk of collision. I was looking for an option that was clear to the dogs AND easy for me 😉

  • Jennifer Crank says:

    I wanted to wait until the week was over to post a few additional notes so that you all had a chance to work though things if you wanted. I did some timing of 15-18 despite not running it both ways with my own dogs. I timed 4 dogs this week but Tempo (22″ border collie) was the only dog I got video of. Here are the results:

    right wing of #16, push vs double blind cross:
    right wing vs left wing off #16:

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    wow. Swift and you are as smooth as silk. Loved that weave pole entry. hope we get to work on some of this when we see you next week.

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      If we’re being honest, he didn’t get the weave pole entry every single time. The second time we ran it he went all the way around pole 1. Very odd as the expected mistake on this entry would be to dive in early at pole 2 or 3. I believe I was attempting to shape too much and pulled too much to my left.

      The course will change on Sunday so you will be getting different stuff next week.

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    P!nk is the most amazing dog and you two are magic together. Loved watching this run.

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