IncrediPAWS Courses – Week of June 8th – Bad Dog Agility Academy

IncrediPAWS Courses – Week of June 8th

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  • Jennifer Crank says:

    I was hoping there would be more discussion on these courses BEFORE I posted the demo videos, but I will be uploading them later today. I went with a different strategy this week which made you work a bit more by not showing my handling until AFTER you had a chance to look at it and potentially set it up. Any thoughts on format for future weeks?

  • says:

    What are your thoughts between 7A and 7B options? Backside slice for 7A? 7B set up to rear 8?

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      Yes, that is what I had in mind. With so many level of classes at IncrediPAWS we have to have sequences and courses that can easily be adjusted for levels. This was an area where all that needed to happen was the cone to be moved from one side or another. I never did 7A in class. Just in some privates. It turns out that 7B was pretty difficult. As dogs were landing over 6 they were seeing the tunnel under the dog walk and the handlers were having a hard time cuing the turn because of the tunnel placement. I ended up suggesting to one handler to actually layer the curved tunnel from 6-7B to then rear cross 8 and it was beautiful!

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