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Threadle Slice at a Distance

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  • Bonny says:

    So the same thing happened here as in my lesson… he got the first 2 takes when I waited for him to take off ( but I felt my blinds were late). So I tried to leave earlier and I pulled him off. I did one take in motion. I have also notice he seems to stop thinking If I repeat a drill too many times.

  • says:

    I thought Ares might know this but I had never tried from 15 feet away, but he did it! Yay. I made 5 weaves cause that’s what we have been focusing on lately

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      Piece of cake! That wasn’t even a challenge 😜 The next thing to do would be to make sure that in a single session you can do that line as a threadle (as you demoed) but also as a straight line (taking the opposite side on #2). We want to make sure he is understanding and not just patterning. Great work! <3 him!

  • says:

    On the map, is 2 on the wrong side of the jump? I was trying to figure out how it was a threadle, but finally watching you run the sequence it made more sense if it was.

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