Stationing – Bad Dog Agility Academy


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  • Claire says:

    Here is a video of me working with my English Springer Spaniel while Andy and CharLee are on their stations.
    CharLee is very interested in birds and you can see they got the better of him. But he does pretty well usually.
    I will keep working with them as I would love to have them stay on the station with a little bit more action going on around them
    I try to rotate through dogs so everyone has a turn on the stations and everyone has a turn working with me.

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      Awesome work! The only adjustment I’d make is that I want you to deliver the treat to Andy and CharLee by just dropping it on their cots rather than handing it to them. Two reasons: if they always expect the food to come directly from your hand then you will have a hard time getting distance from the cot. Also, you don’t want them to perceive the cot as a place of work. It is their place to turn off while working.

      I’d go ahead and progress to make it harder.

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