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Verbals Against Motion

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  • Kathy Smith says:

    Question about verbals” if we are planning a running AF but stopped DW, should we have verbals for turns off the AF that are different than turns around a jump wing? Also, are you naming threadle curls differently than threadle slices yet? Some people are and some aren’t. When I worked through the threadle/backside exercises with Ace, I found myself wondering if I could have moved away more quickly if I’d had the threadle curl vs. threadle slice on a verbal. This is coming up in training for Rowan, so I need to make a decision now if I want different verbals (I already use differing arm cues).

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      I do not have verbal cues for turns off the aframe. I use my motion and location to handle them. I have never needed them and I don’t think most have them for the aflame. The DW, yes. But that is totally different as you are far more likely to be behind and the striding is different (AKA harder) as well.

      So far I am using the same verbal for thredle curl and threadle slice but Abbey keeps trying too talk me into two verbals. Abbey is using two separate verbals but I just don’t see the need yet and I question how many verbal a dog can have that are REALLY solid. Where do you draw the line? I’d prefer fewer solid verbals rather than lots of them that the dogs don’t really know. I am TBD about Surprise. She is the only one I am considering two verbals for. Hard to predict where courses will be in 4 years :/

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