IncrediPAWS Course – Week of May 11th – Bad Dog Agility Academy

IncrediPAWS Course – Week of May 11th

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  • Claire says:

    I hope you can see this ok. It was difficult to get the entire course in the frame.
    My preferred way of handling was different at #2 and #15.
    I thought taking the jump #2 backside to the left wing created a better line for Andy to the weaves, but I’m not sure.
    I tried #15 with dog on left.
    Then I ran the course again with #2 and #15 the same way as in the demo video. I thought #15 could have been smoother so I tried it again and put more pressure on Andy’s line to keep him moving foreward over the jump.
    We both loved the opportunity to run a full course with contacts! Thanks

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      Glad you liked running the full course. I am posting the IncrediPAWS lesson each week which includes a full course in each one so you will have more chances for this. I didn’t put the whole video in CE as it was pretty hard to see things from the camera angle. Since I knew the course so well its wasn’t an issue.

      Several other people ran the opening with your preferred handling and you are correct that it set up a better line to the weaves. But at Andy’s level, I don’t think you need to make decisions based on his weave entries as he is so skilled with them. You need to pick the FASTEST option. Try not to make choices based on his weaknesses, especially in training. Having said that I wasn’t sure which was faster so I did a side by side: As for #15, I think the FC worked great but I worry it would be slower for you as Andy would have to wait on the DW while you caught up and get ahead for the front. The RC at #15 would allow you to release from the DW as soon as he’s in the yellow.

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