IncrediPAWS Course – Week of May 18th – Bad Dog Agility Academy

IncrediPAWS Course – Week of May 18th

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  • Claire says:

    Oh wow, this was a fun course

    At the beginning of the video I included two errors.
    1) I could not beat him out of that #9 straight tunnel to do a cross. I decided to try my threadle cues instead. That worked
    2) I could not get him in the correct side of #13 and then I remembered that you had advised me to hold up at a threadle instead of continuing to move forward. That worked.

    In watching the video I noticed I said ‘jump’ at #14 and I should have said my wrap cue

    Here is our video

    I also did the 5 Tunnel Drills with the black circles.
    My cues should be:
    a) jump
    b) push
    c) ‘A’ (to get his attention)
    d) tunnel
    e) in in (threadle cue)

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      WOW! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Andy run this fast. WooHoo! I didn’t realize that I didn’t specify, but D and E of the drills should be done with a rear cross at the tunnel. Not because it is better but to work the skill. Your handling of the course was consistent with many of the students this week! Good work!


      • Claire says:

        I set up a section of this course and reran the 5 drills and the part of the course you mostly commented on

        For the 5 drills I tried to do as you suggested (I did not lead out)
        a) run straight ahead
        b) send to the backside from further away
        c) decel prior to Andy going into tunnel and say nothing as he comes out. Let my decel drive his turn
        d) rear cross tunnel
        e) rear cross tunnel

        I set up part of the course. I used a jump as the downside of the dogwalk so I could get the same momentum going

        I reared the jump after the first curved tunnel
        I tried not to pull Andy off his line going into the curved yellow tunnel

        I always have a question on which arm to use for a rear cross on a turn. Did I use the correct arm for the jump after the blue curved tunnel?

        Thank you

  • Claire says:

    Oh my. Another cue question. I know you’ve used ‘here’ for the unobvious side to a tunnel. Are you using a different cue on this video? Thanks.

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      Yes, I use “here”. This is someone else’s dog who I run and her word is “close” for the unobvious tunnel. So don’t panic, you don’t need ANOTHER cue 😉 Just different people/dogs with different words.

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