IncrediPAWS Course – Week of May 25th – Bad Dog Agility Academy

IncrediPAWS Course – Week of May 25th

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  • Claire says:

    Here is our run for the full course

    – at the beginning I put in a few practice tunnel/walk discriminations
    – I also have two separate ways of turning Andy off of the dogwalk and into the tunnel
    – I also have two attempts at the weaves on the full course. The weave entry was our most difficult part of this course. It seemed that Andy had so much speed coming out of the tunnel before the weaves that he could not hold onto his weaves after the entry. He skipped two poles. Should I have tried to slow him down going into the tunnel before the weaves, such as the tunnel brake used by One Mind Dogs? Or is this just a skill we need to learn while taking the tunnel at full speed?
    – then I put in the full course.
    – At the end, I added a practice segment I did for the jump off of the teeter. When I ran the course, that jump was a concern of mine. When I did the practice segment, I did a better job of supporting the jump after the teeter and he did not have trouble. Was I correct to support it this way?

    Thanks, I know this is a lot and I appreciate your feedback

  • Jennifer Crank says:

    Had a chance to do some timing on #3-7 of this course which is always fun. Thanks to the demo handlers and dogs 😉

    (best if watched in order presented below)

    Threadle curl vs front cross to send (small dog) –
    Threadle curl vs threadle slice (small dog) –
    Threadle curl vs front cross to spin (large dog) –
    threadle curl vs threadle slice (large dog) –

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