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Single Jump Collection and Bending

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  • Jennifer Crank says:

    Here is Surprise at her 1st ever jumping session:

    • says:

      Jenn, she looks like a pro. Question for you: did you start with her circling a barrel, then transition to the wing before you added the bar? So is the progression going from circling the barrel, to the wing, then last add a low bar? or did you go directly from circling the barrel to the jump?

      • Jennifer Crank says:

        I went directly from the barrel to the wing with a bar. We never circled a wing that didn’t have a bar. However, she did do some stuff with two wings and a jump bump before this. See the “collection” lesson under fundamentals. So she kinda knew to jump when she saw this set-up. As of June 10th, we are at 12″ with good form.

  • says:

    Here’s Bee doing the 6 positions with a little prop to help her.

    And Mookie (just because you love him.)

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