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Straight Tunnel Skills

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  • says:

    I had to use a jump for the curved tunnel in this exercise, but that proved to be an even better exercise and challenge for me as seen in the first attempt at this. The second go around at this went much smoother as I was a bit more cognizant of being earlier with my turn versus extension cues.

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      I love doing your feedback in part because of the beautiful scenery! So relaxing and calming.

      A few comments with regard to handling and position on things. And you forgot the rear cross at the straight tunnel. No bid deal. Just make sure it is a skill that doesn’t worry you.

  • Claire says:

    Here is our video of this straight tunnel drill
    I had a lot of trouble with the rear of the tunnel at #7
    I gave up and did a front there.
    I have a hard time with my timing of adding the pressure and stepping in on rears. We used to have refusals at rear crosses on jumps. I have gotten better
    But the tunnel is another story.
    This was an excellent drill for me as I did not anticipate that I would have that much trouble rearing the tunnel

  • says:

    Bee and I broke this one down and gave it a go. Some issues I expected (tunnel RC), some I didn’t (miss last jump.) Here is the link.

    The thing I was most impressed with were the tunnel exits…..well except the last jump straight out one….although we worked through it hopefully….and I think I know how I caused it.

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      I think the mistakes you had were expected and appropriate for where she is at in her training. The manner in which you broke things down was great. And her turns at the jumps are looking nice!

      • says:

        Thanks. I was lazy…..I thought about getting the manners minder for the go….it would have cleared it up faster….and I just let her do all the work of working through it. Next time maybe I’ll have the shiny new MM bag and it would have been with us on the field! 😉

        Thanks for this month of coaching! She’s made unbelievable progress. 🙂 I’m SO happy you’ve decided to do June!

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