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Perimeter Sweep

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  • says:

    thanks for the reminder that your dog needs to become acclimated to an environment before asking them to work. Wondering how this will all change in the corona virus era where clubs may limit the number of dogs and people in a building at a time, and how we will figure out what it takes to still achieve that goal so our dogs are ready to focus and run. And wonder how puppies like Zippity will do, since he has had very limited exposure to typical training/showing environments (everything shut down right as he was about 12-16 weeks old). just thinking out loud here.

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      Training facilities here in Ohio have always been a problem for this when it comes to trial situations. IncrediPAWS, Queen City, Dayton…you can only walk around 1 of the 4 sides of the ring even pre-Corona. The nice thing looking forward is that AKC has changed the rules and now allows FEO and training in the ring. This might mean that the first run of the day needs to be FEO where you can just go into the ring and spend your time letting your dog check things our vs immediately asking them to performance at their best.

      The flip side is that many facility is Ohio offer classes at the same location they hold trials. This allows dogs to come into a trail situation much more adjusted to the environment.

      But yes, you are certainly right that many dogs will have an adjustment to make when returning, particularly puppies/young dogs. The good thing is that the more you do perimeter sweeps and decompression walks, the better the dog gets and this will decrease the amount of time it takes the dog to adjust.

      • says:

        thanks! good information: hadn’t thought about FEO and how it might be a help as we try to acclimate our corona pups to the show environment.

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