Introduction – Bad Dog Agility Academy


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  • says:

    I have attached 2 jump analysis.
    Please analyze them. Thank you.

    • Coach Leslie says:

      I think theses videos are the same as the previous videos. Let me know if they aren’t. I’m reposting the links to the previous analysis.

      • says:

        Thank you. I don’t recall doing any thing different w She Ra on the third jump. Will work exercises w She Ra and video again after awhile. If you have any ideas on how to help Razzle stop looking at me please share. In the video, I had the toy but it is a problem in trials. I think it some of the fault is on me giving late commands. If you know of any exercise teaching her to move forward, please share. Sorry for reposting but I was having trouble locating the first post to find a response.

        • Coach Leslie says:

          Is Razzle more food motivated? Like could you put a bowl out as a target that you drop the treat in for reinforcement or you could use a Manners Minder.
          I’m not sure if there are any videos in the academy for this, but I would click and treat for looking at obstacles and I would try to avoid the reinforcement being directly from you. So, if you click for looking at the jump, toss the reinforcement towards the jump rather than having her turn to you to get it out of your hand.

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