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Jump Analysis and the 5 Phases of Jumping

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  • tami.sullivan1@gmail.com says:

    I’m deliberating what height to compete in, UKI he measures 12″ and AKC more than likely will be 16″. He looks flat in the aerial phase, he drops bars at 16″, but I haven’t trained him much at this height. We’re starting to take this course to improve his fitness and strength. Towards the end there are several jumps that show you a good side view. Thanks for reviewing.


  • pbbaudoux@gmail.com says:

    Razzle Jump Analysis.
    Susan has mentioned in several of my trial runs Razzle has an early jump. I’m really not sure where she is suppose to be jumping from. The first jump seemed early to me but the rest seemed kind of on the line, almost early. I think her arc and landing look promising. Thank you. https://youtu.be/PfJEVI2IMv0

  • pbbaudoux@gmail.com says:

    She-Ra Jump Analysis.
    I think her take off is early and hind is not tucked enough on landing. Arc, not sure due to early take off.

  • jpintar says:

    I think Juno is a nice jumper but would like to see more extension. When doing Linda M. extension exercises, his ext length is 21′ (the max length before adding an extra stride). I look forward to your analysis.

  • drbecker says:

    Here is Audrey. She has been a pretty successful jumper. I am hoping to learn more by analyzing both of my dogs jumping. Thank You! https://youtu.be/SOFoB2Qycbc

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