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Possible Reasons for Early Jumping

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  • Sandy & Karma says:

    So not sure if this is the spot to ask this question, but didn’t want to forget to ask in case we should NOT be doing this. So it’s been a HOT summer here in the NE and one of the training options we have (and always have) are weekly OUTDOOR private lessons. Even though we start by 9 AM, it is still hot and humid! Neither Karma (nor I) do our best in the heat. So what my instructor has been having us do most weeks is just work on VERY short sequences but concentrating on distance work. Because it has been so hot and also because this requires alot of focus and effort on Karma’s part, she has been having us jump mainly 12″ (instead of our 16″ jump height).

    During the summer we had 2 trials, one end of July and one end of August where we ran a total between 3 & 5 runs at each trial. Karma at each trial knocked a bar during one of the runs which is not common…………….I have video for each and there is no obvious reason for the knocked bars (of course this is MY perspective, not Karmas).

    So where’s the question you say………………….can doing the lower jump height alter the muscle memory that drastically in just a couple months? We probably had about 6 weekly lessons in the 2 month period where we worked on distance and at a lower jump height. Just curious about your thoughts?!?!?!?

    • Coach Leslie says:

      The simple answer is yes. The more complex answer is it will affect some dogs more than others. If you are running a lower height in class, I would still make sure to do regular jump height throughout the week either with one jump exercises or grids or short sequences. Plus I would be doing a lot of conditioning work during this time to keep up the strength to jump the normal height.

      • Sandy & Karma says:

        Thanks for that perspective and good ideas. The other piece to this is Karma is only 3 so she doesn’t have manyvyears of 16″ jump height under her belt since the 1st 18 months of her life she was gradually working up to 16″ (only trialing now for a little over a year due to Covid) so that could be a factor too and why all of a sudden she might be knocking bars after doing a summer of mostly 12″ jumping except for the 2 trials we entered….I guess it really is common sense….thanks!

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