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Baseline in the Middle

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  • cynthia says:

    I think this is where Aria’s videos should be posted? Given that she is 1.5 years old, what should our work look like from here? Should I keep those bars between the full height jumps? Should I add more handler movement? Add a tunnel for more excitement? Take a break, because I don’t want her to overdo it? 🙂

  • Christina And Ripley says:

    Hi again Leslie. Here are my baseline in the middle exercises, jumps set at 5.5 feet apart. I don’t know if I’m doing this right or what I really should be doing to help her with her jumping early. They are all pretty much the same set up but the last one has a bit of a curve in it. Thanks for your help.

    Exercise #1
    Exercise #2 ( she seems to fling her head back on the last jump…not sure why, it’s like it surprised her)
    Exercise #3
    Exercise #4

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