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Height Grid

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  • lzelten@gmail.com says:

    Hello! Sarah suggested I join this program after my first trial video review. I’d classify my girl as a Superman jumper. She’s 2.5 years old and I’d love to help her jumping form get better before she hurts herself.

    Can you take a look at this video and tell me what you see? If it looks good, where do I go from here? Thanks in advance!


  • jillcohn@hotmail.com says:


    Freck’s height grid after being on Galliprant 60mg for 4 days. I have been giving him 1/2 dose 30 minutes before dinner. I feel like he has been in a better mood and my husband believes he has been playing outside with more enthusiasm.

    The one change in this height grid compared to the others is that I used a treat trainer for the reward. Prior I was tossing treats at the end.

    I did 5 repetitions. I feel like he has some extension in his jumping and his jumping is more balanced. I felt like I could have increased the distance between jumps.

    The one oddity is the 5th repetition. He jumped from the first jump over to the third jump, jumping over both the second and third jumps together. The center of the jump was the space between jumps. Not sure what to make of this?

    I am very interested in your observations

    Thank you so much for your help

    • Coach Leslie says:

      This is looking so much better!
      I think the jumping of 2 and 3 together is because he feels like he can really push off so all the jumps are actually too close together for him now.

  • jillcohn@hotmail.com says:


    We tried the height grid. This series is our first attempt. I was pleased with the results. It is so nice to see Freck’s extension when he jumps. Extension is something I didn’t think he had in him.

    The spacing of the first two reps are at our baseline spacing, 66″.
    Second two reps are 66″ at baseline with 120″ between the second baseline and full height jump.

    • Coach Leslie says:

      I like this! I do want to play with spacing a little bit.

      • jillcohn@hotmail.com says:


        We did four sets: set 1&2 has our base grid at 66″ with the 16″ high jump 96 ” away from the base jump. sets 3&4 has our base grid at 66″ with the 16″ high jump 84″ away from the base.

        Our previous attempt was 66″ base with 120″ 16″ high jump. I moved the 16″ jump closer in 12″ increments. It seems that he did better at 96″ but it is difficult to tell. Looking forward to your assessment.

        • Coach Leslie says:

          I want you to decrease your Baseline Grid height, it’s too close to 16”. Go back to 8”. So it’s: 8” 8” 16” 8” 8”. He’s not reading the distance well, but I think it’s because there’s not a major height discrepancy. Let’s try 72” (6 feet). And I want you to do sit jumps 3 times a week. I want you to do the sit jumps at 18”. Think of Baseline Grid as a stride regulator more than a jump.

          • jillcohn@hotmail.com says:

            Hi Leslie, the baseline grid that I am using is 8″ 8″ 16″ 8″ 8″. I have not changed the height. If we want more height discrepancy, I can change the baseline to 6″ or the height to 18″. We can certainly schedule sit jumps 3x per week at 18″.

          • Coach Leslie says:

            Sorry I miss read the 12” increments as 12” jump height. But I do think he might read it better lowering the 8” jumps to 6”.

          • jillcohn@hotmail.com says:


            I went on vacation so we are out of sync with our practicing. This session is from September 15. I haven’t done much specific grid work since then but I have been doing short sequences and including the grid in the sequence. I see the same issues with this slight adjustment. He still isn’t reading the distance. I think he does the best at all jumps at 66″ regardless of the bar height. On a positive note, between the grid practice and his swimming lessons, he is becoming more confident overall. We are still working on the sit jumps 3x per week.

          • Coach Leslie says:

            Overall this is looking good. We do need to increase distance before and after the full height jump to start getting him to learn how to see it.
            I’d like to see 6 feet before the full height jump and 7 feet after. Keep everything else at 66”.

          • jillcohn@hotmail.com says:


            Hi Leslie, We have worked on Freck’s Height Grid with success. I see so much improvement! We continue to work on the grids, sit jumps and try to fit in the other fitness and conditioning exercises from the VIP+CF Exercises. Jump Offerings, sit/stand down, side steps, targets. We also work with the fit bone, paw pods for balancing, pivots etc. and have been swimming weekly for the past 3 month. I feel like I am doing alot with him for his conditioning and strength. Any other recommendations? I need a course like this for my handling. Freck’s work is far ahead of my own handling skills.

          • Coach Leslie says:

            This is looking really good! Keep doing what you are doing especially as winter approaches. Take a look at my mini workshop on workouts for small spaces from last year for days that you don’t want to do outside stuff.

          • jillcohn@hotmail.com says:

            Thank You! We have been working hard on the jumping. Thanks for pointing out the small space workouts.

          • Coach Leslie says:

            You’re welcome!

  • marea.mllr@gmail.com says:

    So what is the reasoning behind having the height jump in the middle (on the height grid) vs having the height jump at the end (baseline grid) and why would you choose one exercise over the other?


  • Cchick says:

    Hi Leslie – Here’s Cimer’s height grid. I varied the distance of the last jump a little bit, did it on the curve, change the curve a little, then tried it straight. She always does better on the curve. I think since she’s likely a little nearsighted, she’s gets a better sense of distance on the curve.


  • Cchick says:

    I hope I have this in the right order, I wanted you to see the progression. https://youtu.be/gIm7iBEU1pc

  • cynthia says:

    Here is Aria’s first time seeing the height grid.

  • Sue says:

    Hi Leslie,
    I was very pleased with Lyric here.
    I adjusted it a little bit. It’s already in slow motion – hope that’s ok, as it allowed me to get a better look.
    I was also wondering – would doing 2 of these in a row – so adding on another full height jump and the last 2 small jumps be useful? So it would go 2 little, big, 2 little, big and 2 little. I’m just thinking it might get Lyric thinking a bit more when the excitement ramps up a bit?

  • Debbie B says:

    Hi Dr. Leslie,

    I took a video of Ziggy doing the height grid this morning. How does this look? Any adjustments needed?

    Thx Debbie


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