Problem Solver 1.0 – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Problem Solver 1.0

Jun 2019
Module 1 Introduction
Lesson 1 How to Use the Problem Solver
Lesson 2 Suggest a Topic
Module 2 Contacts (dogwalk, a-frame, teeter, table)
Lesson 1 What do all four contacts have in common with the start line?
Lesson 2 My dog learned the dogwalk fine, but when I started teaching the teeter, she started to slow down or even stop at the end of the first plank. Why?
Lesson 3 My dog is scared of the teeter or hesitates at the tipping point.
Module 3 Non-Contact Obstacle Performance
Lesson 1 Knocking the Bar on Backsides
Module 4 Start Lines
Lesson 1 Live Training Session with Esteban on Start Line Stays
Module 5 Handling
Lesson 1 Why does my dog head check (look at me)?
Lesson 2 Why does my dog slow down and/or turn the wrong way on pinwheels?
Lesson 3 What does backside commitment mean?
Lesson 4 Why is pushing into your dog bad?
Lesson 5 How do I avoid pushing into my dog if I'm stuck on the wrong side?
Lesson 6 Where should I front cross?
Lesson 7 Why does my dog confuse wraps and rear crosses?
Lesson 8 Why does my dog refuse jumps and turn away from me when I'm trying to do a rear cross?
Lesson 9 Can I use deceleration cues if I'm a distance handler?
Lesson 10 How can I help my dog keep the bars up when jumping?
Lesson 11 What does Greg Derrett mean when he talks about "rear crossing the refusal plane"?
Lesson 12 What's a serpentine?
Lesson 13 What is a Forced Front Cross?
Lesson 14 How can I proof the bypass cue in training?
Lesson 15 How can I cover a lot of ground on my front cross without taking extra steps?
Lesson 16 How can I use verbal cues to discriminate between obstacles?
Lesson 17 How can I do a full 360 wrap when I'm on the OUTSIDE of a jump?
Lesson 18 How can I create space/distance on a post turn or Jaakko turn?
Lesson 19 What's the difference between a Jaakko turn, a post turn, and a front cross?
Lesson 20 What are some of the different types of blind crosses?
Lesson 21 What's the difference between the bypass (flappy tappy) cue and the threadle cue?
Lesson 22 How do I choose which way to turn on course when there's a choice on a wrap or backside?
Lesson 23 Quick Start Guide to the Bypass Cue
Lesson 24 What's a German turn and how do I do it?
Lesson 25 What's the difference between a forced front cross and a threadle?
Lesson 26 How can I use threadle handling for tunnel discriminations?
Lesson 27 How can I teach a rear cross using a food bowl?
Module 6 Weave Poles
Lesson 1 Is it better to hop or single step through the weaves?
Lesson 2 Why do I need to let my dog "see" the weave pole entry?
Lesson 3 My dog pops out at the 10th pole.
Module 7 Dog Motivation and Drive
Lesson 1 How do I create a focused, attentive, driven dog?
Lesson 2 How do I teach my dog to initiate play?
Lesson 3 How to I stop my over-excited dog from biting me at the end of runs?
Lesson 4 What is a crate-to-crate tugging routine?
Lesson 5 How do I stop my dog from laying down with the toy when I want them to bring it back to me?
Lesson 6 How do I stop my dog from biting me during tugging?
Lesson 7 Why does my dog lose focus on me as soon as we enter the ring?
Module 8 Dog Training Principles
Lesson 1 How should I leave the agility ring if my dog fails to meet criteria during the run?
Lesson 2 Training Session: How does Esteban deal with mistakes in practice?