Why does my dog head check (look at me)? – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Why does my dog head check (look at me)?

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  • Jackie says:

    Yes – I can see the problem you’re identifying with re-cuing but what to do at this time? If you ignore the head check there’s a chance the dog will stop or at least slow further when you want them driving forward – it seems like Catch 22

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      It’s catch 22 at that moment. But we’re less concerned with saving that one run, and more concerned with building cues and handling for the long term.

      I also think people underestimate how much acceleration and moment they use by involving their arms. If you were to drop your arms and RUN for that final jump, you’d likely beat your re-cue arm self by a solid stride or two.

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