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  • Marty R says:

    I’ve been following along Shape Up Pup and Flatwork Foundations with my 9mo Border Collie Ember. I’ve really enjoyed the structure it helped bring to my training. Looking at where we are in the process, I think Ember will be ready to start work on the Skill Building session in just a few weeks. I see there is some collection/extension work built in throughout the training modules. Do you guys usually bring in anything like jump grids during your puppy training?

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      There’s so much else to teach that I don’t get to jump grids during the puppy stage. However, there is a whole section about puppy jump training in this book. That would be where I would start:

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      I’ll just add in here too!

      I don’t do much with jump grids until my dogs are older. My 15 month old hasn’t seen a grid yet. Like Sarah, I think there is so much other stuff that can be done. The Shape Up program is pretty comprehensive. If you follow it through the levels (SU Pop, then FF, then Skill Building, etc) I think you will develop many of the jumping skills you need. I am working though much of the Skill Building class with my students and there is some jumping/extension vs collection stuff that you can work though even with a 9 month old.

    • Marty R says:

      Thanks! I agree that the Shape Up is very comprehensive. I can certainly see a difference from where Ember is now, versus what I was doing with Bolo at the same age. I think I will put off the jump grids for a while.

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