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Plank & Wobble Board

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  • Marty R says:

    I’ve started shaping the 2o2o behavior on various surfaces including a travel plank. I noticed that the next part of shape up pup plank games, after this lesson, is more of running the plank rather than asking for a 2o2o behavior. I noticed this when I contrasted what is found in the teaching obstacles section of the academy for dog walks versus shape up pup. For my new pup I plan on a stopped dog walk. My question is when we start running the entire length of a plank should I insist on a 2o2o from the start or work more on driving forward at first and then add in the stop?

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      Hi Marty! I think you’re fine either way. But I would lean toward a SMALL amount of plank work without the stop to ensure the dog is comfortable moving across it. The key is to keep this to just a session or two (as long as the dog looks comfortable). And then you can add in the stop. I just think there’s value in letting the dog kindof just offer walking back and forth across the board to ensure they are comfortable with the width, etc.

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