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Multiple Wraps – Distractions and Cues

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  • Nicole LeDrew May says:

    I’ve been working on this with my puppy as well as Esker, who is 7 years old. I can’t sequence right now given all the snow here, and I was thinking that it might be a good time to work various directionals, and hopefully have a good solid understanding come spring. Here is a short edited version of each of my dogs working on this, just wondering if there was anything I should change? I just reviewed the text above and think I should start adding in some other verbals such as cueing a sit, then work to proofing on different props as well as locations. I just added the verbal in the last few sessions.
    My puppy definitely prefers “wraps” aka going to the right. I have been working both sides with each dog.
    Esker – 7.5 yrs old – previously I only used “check” to wrap back towards me
    Mica. – 6 month old –
    Thanks for any feedback 🙂

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      Both dogs look GREAT! In terms of progression, it looks like at this point, the dog starts the direction and you add the verbal. That’s perfect for adding the word, but now we need the verbal to be what starts the behavior rather than the behavior starting the verbal (if that makes sense!).

      You might try tossing a treat away so that as they turn back to the barrel they have the option for doing either direction and then you choose which way you want them to do.

      I think once you have that going, then you can mix in other verbals as well.

      • Nicole LeDrew May says:

        Yes, thanks! I realized I was doing the verbal once the behaviour started, so I do need to the verbal first now. I did start adding in some of my own motion as well, it was a little more challenging for them but it went pretty well. I’ll work on some of the discrimination too. My biggest challenge is remembering which was corresponds to which verbal lol. I’ll give myself the next couple of snowy months to cement it! 🙂

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