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Creating Chase

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  • Pam Moore says:

    My first attempt at Module 2 Flatwork L1 Creating Chase. Enkidu seemed to lose interest pretty quickly and sometimes wouldn’t engage with the toy (which he had been tugging furiously with before this lesson). Advice appreciated.

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      Hmm – my best guess here is that there is a little stress or “pressure” caused by this setup. I think he’s not sure he’s allowed to get it. This is supported by the fact that he did much better when you then dropped the edge of the toy so it looked more like the other “chase” video.

      Ultimately, we wean off the toy anyway, so I wonder if he’s kindof “past” the exercise. If you have a holder and run away and then they release him, will he run to catch up and come to your side?

      I would try delaying showing the toy a bit, and then once you do show it, go ahead and drop and drag. The purpose here is creating the drive to catch up to you when you’re ahead.

  • Kathy McClung says:

    This is Bazinga’s first submission! She is 24 weeks (5 months). I am so excited about the Shape Up Pup lessons – thank you for these!
    We have been working on this, but this is the first time I videoed it. She is BOUNCY. Maybe I need to lower the toy as I’m running? Thanks for the feedback!

  • says:
    Flera surprised me! She was liking this game. Thanks for keeping me accountable Jenn.
    Chai wasn’t interested in tugging today, we tried different toys, but she still has a baby K9 that may be bothering her. So we switched to a ball 😬 She lost a bit of interest so we switched to food and did some shaping with balance disk/ platform.

  • says:

    Why encourage forging?

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      Per Jennifer: “This came up in the seminar she did at my place. People have a big problem with rewarding in front of them for fear it will encourage the dog to cut the handler off. If I recall, it is more about training the dog to always strive to be ahead of the handler and not to think the end goal is in heel position. The circle work should balance out the idea that the dog can cut in the front of the handler. We don’t want a dog who runs the handlers speed but rather one who tries to overtake the handlers speed.”

  • says:

    So, I have new 10-week-old Corgi puppy. Need to work this on both sides–he seems, after 4 days, to prefer the left.(With my previous guy I did this differently–I switched hands while running ahead of him so he came to either side. He had great blind crosses.)

  • says:

    This is Poca and my first attempt at posting a video….

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