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Food Control: 4 on the Floor

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  • says:

    Hi Jenn, Here is our first attempt at food control. I had no problem moving the food around since I have ET and my hands shake all the time. 🙂

  • sandrahaigler says:

    I’ve seen/been told so many different versions of this so let’s clear up my confusion early. I really think it’s pretty early for this but Bounce offers a sit and quickly learned not to lunge for food in my hand so I’m building on that some. She doesn’t understand “take” yet and I’m hesitant to “let” her jump for food until she does understand. I’m pretty impressed that she has been so quick to learn not to lunge for food. She does get a little confused when food is in my right hand and I feed with my left. I cut out play time in this video. I didn’t just feed! She really learns quick and is really biddable. Perfect puppy🤣

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      Well isn’t she just a perfect little thing!

      I ran into the same thing with right vs left hand. It’s like they learn there’s a holding hand and a feeding hand! LOL! But it generally doesn’t take but a few closed fists for them to figure it out. So just remember to do both hands, and maybe force yourself to start with the less common hand.

      I would to adding in some tossed treats with a release. The tossing motion can help break them out of their hold. I found that my dog was more willing to chase the thrown treat than he was to jump up. He also seemed unsure if he was really allowed to jump up. So I think you can use the thrown treat to but up the idea that there’s a release cue and then from there occasionally ask for the take where she jumps up instead of the thrown release. Just make sure to say “get it” (or whatever your find the treat word is) BEFORE you toss the treat.

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