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Offered Sit

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  • Randy says:

    Need help with the “offered sit.” I am successful in getting a sit, but the puppy may quickly go into a down position as I bend over to try immediately to reward, with food, the offered sit. Sometimes I’ll get the sit and reward her in that position, but she’ll then take the down position. Should I be satisfied with this, or should I be working to get a more prolonged sit with no movement into the down position?

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      I would try and weed out the downs. It may be that you are too slow to reward. You can also try marking the sit with a click or “yes” and then quickly rewarding. But in that case, I would argue that the click releases the dog and so you’d be marking the sit, but no longer rewarding in position. You could use a few session of that to help solidify the sit rather than the sit-down behavior and then go back to rewarding the offered sit in position (at which point the rewarding is also a bit of a distraction).

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