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Extension Vs Collection

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  • jl.adler@outlook.com says:

    Hi, I am wondering, do you use the cue wrap for continuous circles around the wing only? I use push for a back side, and dig for a tight turn jump. Aside from practice the wraps, how would you implement that term in a sequence.
    Thank you!

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      It is the same verbal for a single tight wrap as it would be for multiple tight wraps. For example, if I just say it once and move away from the jump, the dog will just do a single wrap, similar to what a course would ask for. If I stay standing at the jump and repeat the cue, just like Justine is doing, the dog should continue the wrap until released. The release would be either the next obstacle cue or a reinforcement marker (ie. “get it”).

      In this scenario, the backside verbal doesn’t come into play. You would repeat “dig” to get the multiple tight wraps.

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