Round 5: Finals – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Round 5: Finals

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  • Randy says:

    The analyses of the Standard, Challengers, and Finals courses shared a common outlook, which seems to suggest a fading presence for the broad jump over quite a long period of time. Why do you think this has been happening? And do you see this continuing? Also, is this apparent trend perhaps unique to the NAC or is there any way of knowing if this is a general trend at AKC rallies across the country?

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      So – in the vast majority of AKC trials, you will NOT see a broad jump outside of the Novice Standard class. It’s kindof bizarre, but the broad jump is required in Novice Standard but then is no longer required in any classes after that. And so you very rarely see it at a local trial. In past years, it often popped back up at the NAC, which is why we always recommend that people practice it since many dogs won’t have seen it since novice. It IS in international courses, so if you plan on doing international competition or attending a tryout event, you will also need a lot of exposure to it.

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