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Nested Challenge Sequence

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  • Carol/Pogo says:

    this is the nested sequence for exercise #1. We never did make it through without problems. I included the problems…I can see I need to be careful with how I drop my inside shoulder; Pogo read that as a rear cross when I meant “turn with me”. And then after that I guess I’m just sort of sloppy and confusing…I can see he needs very clear precise information. When I watch videos I realize how much better and faster our dogs are!

  • Randy says:

    Hi Sarah, I’m submitting for feedback the Nested Challenge Sequence for Module 3/Lesson 2. I’m submitting two runs through this sequence but please feel free to comment on only one run. In addition, I’m submitting some brief snippets related to our prior video submission and discussion on early take off and backside execution.

    Regarding our previous submission and feedback, I want to thank you for suggesting that we incorporate set point exercises to address early take off during our warm up routine, which we did on the day of this recording. The warm up was very revealing and told me that this needs to be a focus for us. Scout jumped well, I believe, in the Challenge Sequence, but did appear to take off early at the final jump on four runs.

    In my prior submission, I also asked that you take a look at our backside turns and you wondered what happened exactly, so I’ve included three quick shots that weren’t part of my prior submission to show you how we misfired on some backsides. I follow those shots with three attempts from our most recent practice session when I tried to incorporate your suggestions for improvement. It took me three attempts to execute your suggestion to set a line inside the right wing of the jump. In my mind, I did it each time, but the video shows I only succeeded on that point on only the third try!

  • says:

    Roke’s Challenge run.

  • Sharon says:

    What verbal cue are you using to turn him from jump 6 to tunnel 7?

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      At jump #6 it’s “ven ven ven” (short for Venture) as a collection cue, then “side side side” (bypass cue) to keep him off the off course jump, then “tunnel” for the tunnel.

  • Hdickin580 says:

    Here is the challenge with K and Furrrrg.

  • says:

    The challenge run from Set 1

  • says:

    Ares challenge run.

  • Barb VE says:

    Here are Enzo’s runs:
    Interesting differences between how Sarah ran it and how I did.
    I don’t usually use a threadle arm; just a verbal with shoulder drop; so that was different. Also, I used a couple of toss backs in places where Sarah pulled her dog (6-7 and 10-11). And I think she used her backside command (“push”) on #9 where I used my left wrap verbal (“check”). It didn’t seem to me to be a backside.
    I think the biggest difference is that Sarah got a much nicer turn on 9. That is a foundation skill that we need to work on a lot: Enzo’s left wraps are weaker than his right wraps.

    I ran it two times. The only difference I can see is that I was a bit on his path from the #7 tunnel exit to #8 on the first run but not on the second run. The difference in time was very, very slight.

      • Barb VE says:

        Hi Sarah,

        YES, I did notice that wing-brush and we are working on it. He is, by far, the best jumper I have ever owned and bars have not been a problem. AND I really want to keep it that way.
        I appreciate your comment about how difficult it is to convince a dog to add a stride in order to square up. That is also my experience but I just keep it on his list of “things we are always working on” along with hard weave entrances and the (dreaded) running dogwalk. And yes, I did watch the Sarah Baker bonus on squaring up; it’s part of what we do. Kayl McCann also has a video with a lot of information on independent backside work ( ) which stresses squaring up and ways to work on it.

        I like your idea of completing the FC on the 3rd to last jump in order to deliver more turning cues. 😊


        • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

          Lol – I love Kayl. And she sounds just like Jessica Patterson with the “get back get back get back” and the “yeessssss!”.

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