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Exercise with Options

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  • beardie1234 says:

    Another excellent set of practice sequences…never can do too many boxes. As I had the tunnel still in place from set 1, I used it both to practice my off-set lead outs and get a really big head start. Managed to get both the BC and FC options on the small space sequences but it was instructive to see how little time it took my dogs to catch up.

    On the challenge sequence, after doing the backside on 2, Truman also wanted the backside of 3 rather badly and it took some effort to get him to recognize I wanted 3 jumped straight on.



  • Randy says:

    Submitting video of exercises 1-4 for feedback. I’m guessing that either the rear cross or front cross is the fastest way through the sequence for us, although it can be tough getting to the front cross.

    After the last exercise here (front cross), I included two shots that compare the reverse spins from this practice session to a previous session, which you reviewed and discussed at my request. This time, I’m wondering whether the reverse spin, done properly, should be executed with the handler facing—to a larger degree—the point of takeoff at jump #4 before spinning, as opposed to facing the wing of #4 before spinning. In the latest effort, I was concentrating on a more definitive weight shift off the plant foot, which we discussed. As a result, I didn’t face the point of takeoff as much as I did in the previously submitted video. Or am I splitting hairs and just talking about style, timing, or getting more comfortable (as I move through competency levels)?


  • Carol/Pogo says:

    this is both the exercises and the nested sequence. I was pleased with these ones; pleasantly surprised that the rear cross worked – I was expecting Pogo to swing wide and take the off course jump. He did great. https://youtu.be/fOvnMLWR3jw

  • Randy says:

    This video focuses solely on Exercise 3 (Blind cross #3 – #4). Seeking feedback on execution of the blind cross and the spin at #4. We’re inexperienced with both of those moves– just haven’t used them much up until now– but would like to use them more. Want to hear feedback on timing, hand cues, and anything! The video includes the failed first attempt with the spin at #4; an example of what was done to fix it; four successful jumps at #4 using the reverse spin; and one jump at #4 using an (outside?) wrap. https://youtu.be/z2izQSTfB0w

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      That was truly beautiful work! I would not have guessed that you weren’t fluent in blinds. Feedback uploading…

      • Randy says:

        Just realized something. What I was trying to articulate in my previous posts about my blind crosses and reverse spins are really prime examples of “conscious competence” and “conscious incompetence.” I can perhaps do them reasonably well in a repeatable drill or practice sequence but would prefer reaching a level closer to “unconscious competence” for a trial. I’m definitely moving through those levels of competency BDA discussed on a past podcast.

      • Randy says:

        You really did hit on something regarding my footwork for the reverse spin. I often felt awkward or rushed doing that move, and drawing attention to my plant foot actually made me realize that I didn’t really have a firm, more complete weight transfer, or subtle rocking motion, away from the jump–consistently–from the plant foot and powering forward. I think my awkward feeling comes from rushing that move and the weight transfer. I have concrete thoughts to work with now. Thanks. I’m glad my blind cross looks all right in the video you saw, but I must say that you haven’t seen the “clunkiness” that comes out sometimes when I do one. The most repeated cuing malfunction: I show the jump AND cue the blind with the same arm. When that happens, the blind cue looks as if I’m a student raising his hand in class! It’s hilarious.

        • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

          I’m so glad that discussion made sense! Sometimes I have to slow it down and draw attention in my own mind to exactly what I am doing.

  • Sharon says:

    Sorry, my knee was giving me a lot of trouble so I couldn’t get ahead of Toby enough to try the blind cross from 3 to 4. I also kept forgetting to change sides after he wrapped the wing on the right side. So that part looks pretty clumsy. I could still use some feed back on what I did do.

  • montanak9pt@gmail.com says:

    For feedback. I definitely would struggle with a FC.


  • Hdickin580 says:

    Here is my work on this set. K is not a very good wrapper :-). But we gave it a shot!! These were much easier with Furrrrg! https://youtu.be/6WasJ80sXa4

  • Brook Phinney says:

    Submitting for feedback 🙂 I definitely enjoyed this exercise! 4 legs vs 2…fronts and blinds were tough to get in for me!

      • Brook Phinney says:

        Thank you for the amazing feedback! Rears are definitely a weakness! I will work on hanging back, adding pressure and dropping that outside arm….a bad habit, i follow my dog with that outside arm. Also, when I watched it back I could tell Zeus wasn’t quite sure what I was asking for when he took off for that jump! He head checks me before he jumps. Yikes! Your comments will absolutely help me to clean up those turns! And whhheewww…the front and blind were hard to get in! I was booking it and struggled. Thank you again!

  • Agilecollie says:

    Wow, I was surprised at what a difficult time I had getting the FC wrap and RC. The FC was a super struggle for some reason, I included one of my many failed attempts, hope you can enlighten me. For the RC once I patted my leg Sam understood and stopped flanking off the jump. The blind, FC, and challenge went well.

  • cleanrunlevi@gmail.com says:


    Set 2- Levi

  • katy.mallory@yahoo.com says:

    Ares’ video. Have I mentioned lately how much I stink at rears 😳


  • eminar@uark.edu says:

    Another possibility on the comparison: when you come out of the reverse spin you are able to accelerate more (encouraging the dog to accelerate?) while also supporting the slice with your path. I notice that you’re at least a yard ahead by jump 5 in comparison to the front cross.

  • Barb VE says:

    Here are Enzo’s runs: https://youtu.be/c054BiQk7y0

    My inclination would be to plan #2, the RC. Enzo has a pretty tight RC-wrap and I can see him the whole time. On a course which is so tight, I like to keep visual connection. If I weren’t going to do that, I would do the BC to the toss-back. I very much dislike the FC on a straight line, so much twirling. The inside wrap is clearly an inferior choice, although I’ll bet well over 50% of my MI buddies would do it that way, since it is the easiest for the handler.


  • Daniela F says:

    I think my favorite option for both dogs was the blind! Although, Dizzy runs much slower when training in this building and I may not be able to make it when he’s running at trial speed. I like the rear as a back up plan for him.

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