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Exercise with Options

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  • Cheri says:

    Violet Exercise 6 Blind Crosses. https://youtu.be/W6WOcN7Lkps (We need to do more training before we’re going to be able to do the rear crosses)

  • Cheri says:

    Okay, this is my first post so I’ll explain a little bit. I originally enrolled to do this course with my veteran agility boy, but he suddenly had to retire from agility due to arthritis. Therefore I’ve been working with my baby girl to try to get her enough skills to execute some of these courses. She’s not very experienced, is just starting out, and I never know what speed she’ll run, but here we go. This is Exercise 6 with Front Crosses. https://youtu.be/WfF7KHh_ip8

  • Hdickin580 says:

    Here is my work on this set. Thank you for any feedback! Heather

  • Barb VE says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Here is Enzo’s video. https://youtu.be/FcVJ8w5Lr_w

    I would have expected that the FC would result in the best turn from 2 to 3 but, at least based on how far he did/didn’t drift, it seems like the BC was better. Surprise. I expect it has to do with the execution. I must not be giving enough turning cues with my FC. Or my technique may be getting sloppy, since, irl, I almost never use a FC.


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