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Proofing the Table

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  • says:

    I’m glad I saw these comments. Roomba has been avoiding the table sometimes. I will try the idea of quick release & treat. I’ve been placing treats on the table & he jumps right up.

  • Judi says:

    I made a major booboo last trial with my young dog. She was not committed to the table and I said table-down and she downed right in front of the table. Good girl for doing what I asked her but…….Next trial I said table only and she again downed in front the table….uggh. next day she stopped in front of the table and walked around it before she got on. I have been proofing this week and I only say table and she goes right into her down. Any other advice? I have another trial this weekend so we’ll see what I get after proofing this week. Thanks.

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      It is very unlikely that your first rep of saying “table-down” together is the problem. It sounds you like you starting to develop some table stress and avoidance. Very common as the table is where the fun and action stops. Many dogs develop an avoidance for it and it can be hard to fix as the table is not in T2B or FAST where we can do FEO.

      I would certainly continue to work some proofing between now and your next trial, but I would also do some rep where as soon as she gets on, you release off and reward. It doesn’t matter if the reward is the next obstacle or a toy/treat. Or a mix. And I would do some of this in sequences too. She needs to learn that the quicker she gets on, the quicker the reward. As opposed to the traditional training where they need to get on and wait 5 seconds for the reward. The delayed reward can present problems. Feel free to send in any video and I’ll see if there is anything else I notice.

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