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Jump Grids

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  • Hsidmore says:

    I started this with Ghost (6 months old). I used cavaleties at the lowest height since he is just a puppy.

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      Ideally you wouldn’t be going with him. Maybe you could start on a cot if that would help him hold position?

      The second rep went pretty well! But the 1st and 3rd he wasn’t bouncing through (as he should) he was more trotting much more like cavalettis than a bounce grid.

      • Hsidmore says:

        At first he didn’t really get what I was asking so I thought by moving with him, that might get him understanding. We worked on wait a bit too but I didn’t keep that in the video.

        Should I put the line up a little closer? I did these at 2’ spacing. He is about 16.5” at the withers right now.

        He is so tiny compared to Desmo lol.

        • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

          There’s two feet between each one? That seems unlikely. It looks more like 4? “The distance between jumps should be roughly 4′ for small dogs, 5′ for medium dogs, and 6′ for large dogs. “

          • Hsidmore says:

            Sorry, you are right, I was thinking about Desmo’s exercise and gave the wrong distance. Yes, he is currently at 4′. I tried to work with him again yesterday but I think I need to do some other foundation work first so he can handle the stay for me to get to the end of the grid. He isn’t quite ready for that.

            I haven’t been rushing the impulse control training and really just started.

          • Hsidmore says:

            I went to three jumps so that he could be successful in the stay and rewarded his stay during this session. Here is what he looks like. Ghost will be 8 months in two days. He is still pretty small. I set the jumps up at 4’.


          • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

            Looks great.

  • chesterchesapeak@gmail.com says:

    Thanks! Every once in awhile I go back to this basic jumping drill and practice with my dogs. This drill is much appreciated.

  • kpdewit says:

    This looks like a curve, or are my eyes deceiving me?

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