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Foundation: Buja Board

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  • karen says:

    Jennifer, i would like to understand this better. Is this for making the dog more comfortable on moving obstacles?
    What are you looking for in the sessions with this board?
    What are the criteria for a click?

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      Yes, the buja board is simply a training devise to evaluate how my dog will react with moving objects and to attempt to desensitize her to the moment. In this session, I started out by marking and rewarding any interaction with the board (:11). By the end, I was looking for her to get on with all four feet (:56) before I marked and rewarded.

      Many people do not do this step and that is okay. I think this can be a good tool for young dogs and puppies to familiarize them with moving objects but I don’t think is absolutely necessary for a great teeter performance.

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