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Box Method – Adding Speed

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  • cynthia says:

    Hi Jennifer, what are your reasons for having the box slightly higher than the contact zone? Do you want your dogs to hit higher in zone?

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      I want my dog to hit in the center of the box. That is the goal and how I train it on the flat. So when adding it to the aframe, I want to center it around where I want/expect my dog to hit in the contact. If I put the box around the contact zone, that would encourage a deeper hit than I want and deeper than what I think this sheltie can give me. It is very unlikely that he would hit in the box but be so near the top edge of the box that he doesn’t hit the yellow.

      I do think the box position can and should be adjusted for different dogs, especially when looking at different stride lengths.

  • says:

    I didn’t go through all of these steps to teach my B.C.’s Sugar and Bernie the running Aframe. I introduced it to them on the ground then put it on the Aframe completely flat and all the way to the bottom. Added the cue word “hit-it” on the ground and applied it to the Aframe. I started by using a target with a treat on it out from the bottom of the Aframe and then started throwing it from my hand. I never did more then two repetitions (Aframe only) the first few lessons and then just started using it on a course. Both dogs got it quickly. Now, once in a while I will put it on the Aframe just as a reminder although I haven’t had any problems without it. The running contacts have been a big help for Sugar who is extremely reactive to distractions if she has the opportunity to stop anywhere on course including bolting to bark at something. Running contacts have definitely been a big help. Both dogs are highly motivated.

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      Awesome! It sounds like your training went well. All dogs are different and some pick up on the training a bit quicker than others. And with running contacts some dogs are more included to success based on size and stride. This thread will be good if at any point in time you begin to have trouble and are looking for ways to review their understanding or proof the behavior.

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