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Box Method – Flattening the Box on the Aframe

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  • halcyonshelties says:

    How quickly do you move from 5 ft to 5.6 ft? My sheltie is successful 100 percent so far at 5.6, but she takes 2 or 3 smaller steps after coming over the apex and before bouncing thru the box. She was more confident at the 5 ft level, so maybe I moved up too quickly? I did one successful session at 5 ft, then one session at 5.3, then moved up to 5.6 where I noticed more steps after the apex and before the box. Do I need to just do more reps at 5.6 until she gets her striding perfected, or do I need to lower the frame again and for how long and what increments?

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      I would say to do more at 5’3”. Adding strides can be for two reasons; 1) confidence. If they are unsure they won’t power over the apex like a dog who is really comfortable. 2) size. How big is your sheltie? Sometime the small dogs have a harder time getting the reach over the top to do two hits. Vento is about 14.5”.

      Do you have any video I could look at to,offer suggestions? I’d love to see a few reps at each height. But I’m general, lower the aframe for a bit longer.

  • LauraL34 says:

    I noticed the aframe was lower in the previous lesson. At what point did you raise it? ….. Would you raise it while still having the box with height?

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      In this video the aframe is at 5’. Yes, I work the aframe up to full height before I remove the box. Frankly, I don’t remove the box for awhile. I will get the aframe to full height, add speed and handling, put it in sequences, and make sure that those things happen with a 80% success rate or higher before moving on.

      • LauraL34 says:

        Ok, thanks. Do you raise the aframe before flattening the box?

        This is a ways off for me, but do you “disassemble” the box piece by piece as in the Rachel Sanders dvd? I have also seen people switch some of the white pvc with yellow (painted or taped) to help make the box “disappear”.

        • Jennifer Crank says:

          I prefer to flatten the box before raising the aframe. I actually prefer to flatten the box as early as possible.

          Yes, I do disassemble the box but I do it quickly. The box is acting as a stride regulator so I will normally take off the bottom and two sides all at the same time. This just leaves a single piece of PVC. This often gets left on for awhile. I have painted a box yellow in the past and I am certainly not opposed to the idea. I would say it depends on how natural the dogs striding is and how much effort it takes to fade the box.

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