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Box Method – Introducing the Box

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  • Sandy says:

    Sprint is just getting started with learning the box for A-frame training. She is 13 months old so I really want to get off to a good start. Thanks for suggestions!

  • Leslie Wood says:

    Molly has always had a running aframe, but her natural stride is to hit riiiight on the edge of the yellow/blue so sometimes she misses. I’m working my way through this module to retrain it correctly.

    Here’s our first session with the box on the flat. It’s a homemade one. The first time I tried it she would just walk through it casually so I ended up putting it on top of two long and narrow boxes to lift it off the ground.

  • says:

    Jennifer, is there anything else that you might be able to use vs. the box at the end of the A-frame? I know it is not that difficult to make and where I practice and get instruction, they do not have a pvc box. Any suggestions?

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      Once the box goes onto the aframe I have used just a single PVC stride regulator ( ) or pool noodle, but the advantage to the box method is all the training that can be done on the flat. Without all four side you can’t do that. I have suggested people take four weave poles and tape them at the corner to make a box. You just might need to elevate it a bit.

      • says:

        Well, was able to talk hubby into helping me make the box. Some stores just did not have all materials at the time, but now they do. Thanks for your reply. Another question… is this method to teach running A-frame okay for a dog that has been doing 2o2o for most of his agility career? He is a very smart terrier and catches on quickly to new changes.

        • Jennifer Crank says:

          Absolutely! Doesn’t matter if a retrain or starting from scratch, I do the box method for both types of dogs.

          So glad you were able to get the parts you needed for your box. Keep me posted with your training! Would love to see videos of your progress.

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