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Weave Diaries Continued

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  • Marty Rowland says:

    I have Bolo on 4 poles of weaves. When I tried to add 5 and 6 he started to have a high failure rate on Pole 3. So anyway I have backed down to 4 poles again and his success rate is pretty good. Should I continue with 4 poles to build understanding or try something a little different. I brought 5&6 initially in at perhaps 6 feet away, but the closer they got to 1 through 4, the worse his performance became.

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      Hi Marty! This here looks good. Without seeing the failures you were describing, I would go to three sets (6 poles) but all three sets open to 1 and 7. Basically, create a small channel. Don’t have the middle set straight so you can minimize the risk of him have difficulty there.

      • Marty Rowland says:

        Ok. Here is our work with 6 poles in the 1 and 7 positions. I think he is a little sensitive to my motion. If I run with him I think he hurries and make mistakes. On the bright side a neighbor driving by and honking didn’t bother him a bit.

          • Marty Rowland says:

            After pretty good success with 6 poles we have moved to 12, but in this particular sequence I think we had all the failures! Missed entry, popped early, failure to collect. Would you suggest going back to 6 with more proofing work? It looks to me like on his successful attempt his speed was pretty good.

          • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

            This is where you need a bit of “debugging”. I would try taking away the second half of the weaves so it’s just 6 and trying to same sequence to see if he gets the entry.

            In terms of working 12 poles in general (if you’re struggling to make the leap from 6 to 12), I like to set up 6 – gap – 6: https://baddogagility.com/the-last-inch-closing-the-weave-poles/

            In this article, I do the first 6 offset and the second 6 inline, but you could do both inline if it’s not the closing that is hard but the number of poles.

          • Jennifer Crank says:

            I second everything that Sarah said. For this sequence/video, once he missed the entry I would have pulled the second set of weaves away and just worked on the entry. You were dealing with a couple variables and always best to separate them. Once you got a few good entries that you were able to reward, then I’d go back to 12.

  • Sbaumbarger@bex.net says:

    Jenn, how does this spacing look for Myles as far as the width of the channel?

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