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Introducing the 2o2o Position

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    Hi Sarah. Your advice was spot on! We are making progress now so thanks again.

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    Hi Sarah & Jenn. This is the 3rd session and I’m still luring. The fact that he just lays down tells me that he might be training me! Any suggestions to get out of the luring. Maybe just be more patient or I am thinking of putting up barriers on either side (?). thanks for you help.

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    Hi Jen. Here is part of my 3 min first session with Blue. I feel I was frustrated that he just kept walking over the board but I rewarded that cuz he got on it. Maybe that was a mistake. Too many random rewards? In the end he did finally have 2o2o and I jack-potted that (mistake?). How should I handle our next session?

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      You might have more success having your dog walk toward you on the long side of the plank (basically – the position that finally got you the 2o2o). It’s easiest if the dog is coming toward you. And the longer board makes it more likely their feet stay on (more board available).

      Once you are able to reward this 2o2o quite a bit, you can transition to coming across the board (as you were trying to do initially and as Jennifer does in the video), but your dog will have SOME understanding already and therefore you should get more and quicker success.

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    Hi Jen. If my pup will only put his front feet on the plat form or run over it, should I lure him into position?

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