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Introducing the Dogwalk

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  • says:

    Once the dog becomes comfortable with the dog walk itself, do you just add your “Hit It” verbal? Do they usually generalize their previous learning on the flat plank to the dog walk pretty quickly? Can you then do the same on the teeter? Thanks – very helpful set of videos!

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      If your “hit it” verbal is for a 2o2o, then yes, I find the dogs generalize pretty well. By this time you should have done so many reps of offering to walk across a board in the the 2o2o that the dogs pick up on it pretty well.

      If you have a running dog walk and “hit it” is for the mat cue, then you can go about this a bit different at the progression of the mat happens WITH the teaching of the dogwak and not separate.

  • says:

    This young BC is adorable 🥰
    Who is it?
    Love how you can see her confidence growing!

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      This is Surprise; the youngest of my crew. I think she is pretty adorable too! 🥰

      We are still working on building up confidence on the teeter but she is smart and proved to be an excellent demo for the DW as she showed a more normal progression rather than just hoping up and going across on the first try like some dogs do.

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